Today’s results

Hello ladies,

Today we had 40 ladies play the game Cha Cha Cha

We had 5 teams of Members Only Flight and 5 teams of Member/Guest Flight.

Fe Estrera #17
Gay Wold #8
Sandy Smith #2 and #15
Charlene Kleiner #7
Dana Wardstrom #5 & #7
Gina Bischofberger #11

We had 4 chip in’s worth $5.00 each

Sally Sturney #3
Fe Estrera #9 and #13
Nonie Greenfield #5

Guest/Member Flight
First Place:
Cheree Mendonsa
Mary Watkins
Shelby Watkins
Donna Ybarra

Second Place:
Sandy Mize
Lisa Bates
Tammy Slabaugh
Gina Bischofberger

Member Only Flight
First Place:
Jeanne Zwemer
Gay Wold
Sandy Smith
Brenda Reisinger

Second Place:
Shelly Morgan
Jan McCleery
Nonie Greenfield
Jan Todorovic

Also, this is the first time Jan Todorovic broke 100 on a Tuesday Play Day. WAY TO GO JAN!!

Just a reminder, make your own tee time if you want to play a practice round on Tuesday.
See you at the Cocktail Party Tuesday night and enjoy the Invitational !!!!!!



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