2016 Invitational Results

“The Olympics”

Overall Low Gross   Overall Low Net
Carol Bade Linda Daniel
Becky Frazier Denise Benson
Darlene Martell Linda Lutschan
Yoshie Masuda Jan Murphy

Flight 1

Gold: Gay Wold
  Cindy Renshaw
  Lynnette Lewandowski
  Liz Lord
Silver: Christina Browning
  Teri Serowoky
  Kelly Simpson
  Deborah McKeehan
Bronze: Dana Wardstrom
  Jill Chase
  Gina Rand
  Tracy Lape

Flight 2

Gold: Julie Hanson
  Raquel Myers
  Terry Ketchel
  Jill Henry
Silver: Charlene Kleiner
  Susan Leeper
  Donna Hook
  Debra Ruiz
Bronze: Jan McCleery
  Nonie Greenfield
  Tammy Slabaugh
  Gina Bischofberger

Flight 3

Gold: Cynde Gerpheide
  Jan Baehr
  Shirley Lira
  Lani Maloney
Silver: Linda Mayer
  JoAnne Smith
  Cathy Miller
  Conchita Christensen
Bronze: Kathleen Readler
  Tina Gray
  Kristin Villyard

Hole in One – Shelby Watkins!!!!!


Author: Kay B

Webmaster in training.

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