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I hope you are enjoying the monthly “Rules Corner” articles I write for our Discovery Bay Country Club newsletter.
I have chosen the topic “Reading our Scorecard” for next month’s issue as it is always good to remind our members of the valuable information it includes.

There can be confusion on how to deal with Out of bounds on our course and sprinkler head relief.

The article is written below, and attached.

Reading our Score Card

The Pro shop has designed our score card to allow you not only to keep score but also to help you understand our course and how it should be played.

The front of the card has each hole designated with its ranking in order of difficulty from 1 to 18. Hole number twelve is the hardest for players from the gold and brown tees; hole number 16 is ranked the hardest for players from the blue, green and white tees. Using these 18 hole rankings it is easy for you to work out where you get strokes using your index.

The back of the card has invaluable information that makes playing our course less worrisome.

The first listed is Out of Bounds. It’s easy to know out of bounds if it is marked with a white stake, or goes into a homeowner’s yard, but just where is Out of Bounds when your ball lands at the brick pillars holding the fences? It’s easy, just look on the back of the scorecard.

“Course boundary, where not defined by white stake is the OUTERMOST (golf course side) edge of brick pillars holding fences.” If your ball lies beyond the golf course side edge of the brick post you are out of bounds.

Rocks around the lakes, “All rock boundaries are considered part of the hazard.” If your ball is in the rocks it’s the same as being in the water.

Then there’s listed and explained our course’s Local Rules.

How to take free relief from sprinkler heads around the green, the use of the drop area on hole 4, how to play from staked trees, and also listed are the bunkers on holes 5, 6 and 10 which are considered waste bunkers. Knowing this Local Rule allows you to ground your club when making your shot out of them, which makes your golf life easier.

Next time you grab one of our scorecards take time to read the back, it can help your game and take some of the worries over what you can and cannot do where and when.

I hope this helps you,

Reading our Score Card.docx


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