February Rules Quiz:

Good morning Ladies:

Here’s February’s Rules quiz, enjoy……

Abnormal Ground Conditions/ Ground Under Repair, (RULE 25) Quiz

If your ball lands in an area marked as “Ground Under Repair” (GUR)

  1. Do you have take relief from GUR?

2. If you take relief is there a penalty?

3. If you take relief but your foot, club or ball still touches the GUR is that okay?

4. If your ball lands on bare bumpy ground can you decide it is Ground Under Repair?

5. May you remove the stakes and rope lining the GUR before you make your stroke?

6. Once you find your nearest point of relief from Ground Under Repair how many club lengths do you measure from that point in which to drop your ball?

7. Can you clean your ball if you lift it to take relief from GUR?

8. Your ball lies in a few yards off the putting green and GUR intervenes between your ball and the hole, are you entitled to relief?


  1. NO you do not HAVE to take relief, you may play the ball as it lies unless there is a Local Rule in effect prohibiting play, or the area is deemed as an environmentally sensitive area.

 2. NO. There is no penalty, you get FREE relief.

3. NO it is not okay. When you drop your ball and are set up to make your stroke you must have COMPLETE relief from the GUR.

If you do not you will incur a TWO stroke penalty!

 4. NO Only the Pro Shop or Tournament Committee may decide which areas are Ground Under Repair and they should be marked (Usually with white lines and sometimes also with stakes.)

 5. YES you may. The stakes are considered to be “Obstructions”. After your stroke please replace the stakes from where you removed them.

6. One club length. You may use any club in your bag to measure this one club length.

 7. YES you may.

 8. NO you cannot take relief just because the area is on your intended line of play. You may only take relief is your ball lies in or touches the GUR, interferes with your stance or the area of your intended swing.

I hope this helps you,


<Feb Rules quiz.docx>


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