Ladies here is the first monthly Rules quiz for 2018.  Any questions?  Don’t hesitate to e mail me.

  1. Rebecca uses her 7 iron to align her feet prior to taking her stance on the teeing ground. Before she makes her stroke at the ball she removes the club.  Should she be disqualified?


Rebecca should NOT be disqualified.  As long as she does not delay play she may align her feet this way as long as she removes the club before her stroke.


  1. Suzanne’s ball lies near the putting green and Dianne, who is 25 ft. away, asks her to mark and lift her ball as it interferes with her play.  Is this allowed?


Under Rule 22/2 a player can request a ball to be lifted at any time if they believe it interferes with their play.  However, in Stroke play, a player may play their ball first rather than lift it.

  1. Is there a Rule of Golf that permits taking a line of play relief from a sprinkler head at the side of the putting green?


No, BUT there is a Local Rule that permits “line of play” relief under certain conditions.  We allow such relief at Discovery Bay CC.  Look on the back of our scorecard, there you will find the Local Rule explained.

  1. Rebecca is back on the teeing ground aligning her feet but this time she also taps down uneven ground behind her ball which could interfere with her backswing.  How many penalty strokes should she incur?


NONE!  A player is allowed under Rule 13-2, to eliminate irregularities on the surface of the teeing ground without penalty.

  1. A player may always advise another player on what their options are under the Rules. True or false?


True.  Information on the Rules of Golf is NOT advice and is allowed.

  1. Lana’s ball lies just in bounds but a movable white stake is in her area of intended swing.  May she remove the stake?


NO she may not!  White “Out of Bounds” stakes are deemed to be FIXED, and a player does not get relief.  Sorry ladies.

I hope you enjoyed our first quiz of this year and it helps you.



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