We had 25 ladies play today, including 5 guests.

Adrian Goodman hosted Ilene Marshall

Sandy Mize hosted Gina Bischofberger and Conchita Christensen.

Joanne Smith hosted Sue Martin

Mary Watkins hosted Cathy Pelligrini.

Thank you ladies for bringing these ladies to share our Guest Day.


The weather was lovely.  The “rough” was rough!

The game was Odds & Evens.

Now the results…

Winners in the Guest Flight:  Team Score 92

Sandy Mize, Conchita Christensen, Gina Bischofberger, Sondi Schnee

Winners in the Member Flight:  Team Score 92

Jeanne Zwemer, Sandy Smith, Brenda Reisinger, Barbara Mensch

Closest to the Pin (Guest):  Conchita Christensen, Hole # 7, 32’ 2-1/2”

Closest to the Pin (Member):  Cindy Aafedt, Hole #17, 9’ 2”

Chip-ins ($4.25 each)

Susan Leeper Hole # 16

Barbara Mensch Hole #5

Cathy Fancey Hole #14


Jeanne Zwemer, Hole #8

Cindy Aafedt, Hole #11, Hole #13

Cathy Fancey, Hole #14


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