2019 Rules Quiz #1

2019 Rules Quiz, #1


  1. Veronica removes the flagstick, lays it on the green. I hit my putt too hard and it hits the flagstick.  What now? 
      A.  I yell at Veronica and vow never to play with her again.
      B.  I get a two stroke penalty and have to putt again.
      C.  No penalty and I play the ball as it lies.
















    Answer.  C  No penalty, lucky me.  A great Rules’ change.

      1. As I walk towards the hole to line up my putt I lightly touch the line if my putt with my putter. Now what?
          A. I get a two stroke penalty
          B. No penalty














        Answer. B)  My luck is still in!  Even if my caddie touches the green to show me where to hit my putt there’s still no penalty.



        1. When playing out of a Water hazard, which is in 2019 renamed  a “Penalty Area”  I ground my club and touch some weeds in the water.  Now what?

            A.    I look around and hope nobody saw so I am not penalized                           
            B.    I take a two stroke penalty as I am honest
            C. No penalty
















          Answer.  C)  No penalty in 2019.  I hope none of you chose A)



          1. My ball is in a bunker I remove a stone, a loose impediment, before I make my stroke.  Now what?   
              A. Veronica says I don’t get a penalty 
              B. I get a two stroke penalty














            Answer A) No penalty, maybe Veronica isn’t such a bad friend after all.














            1. My ball disappears into the rough, how long can I search for it? 
                A. Five minutes 
                B. Three minute
                C. As long as I like
















              Answer. B) Three minutes, once you start your search.  Hopefully this will speed up play.



              1. I mark and lift my ball to identify it and I don’t tell the other players or let them watch me. Now what?                                                                             
                  A. Veronica yells at me. You can’t do that!
                  B. I get a one stroke penalty
                  C. No penalty















                Answer.  C) No penalty.  This allows a faster pace of play and relies on the integrity of players to act honestly and play by the Rules.


                I hope you did well on this quiz and it helps you. Hilary


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