Criss Cross – Playday January 22, 2019


I hope you all enjoyed the game today.  I know it’s a little more work with Criss-Cross but I think it’s a fun game.

Today’s results:

Flight 1

3 way tie for 1st place

Lisa Ferrante, Mary Watkins, Peggy Schuitemaker, score 34, $6.50 credit each.

Fight 2

1st place – Sondi Schnee – score 29, $10.00

2nd place – Sally Sturney – score 33, $6.50

3rd place (tie breaker) – Bonnie Ladd – score 35, $3.50

We had 1 chip-in who won a big pot since we had roll-over money from last year!

Joanne Smith  #15.

We had 1 birdie

Mary Watkins  #7.

Closest to the hole:

Julie Hanson, Val Roberts, Sondi Schnee – each winning $6.00


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