Total Putts – Playday February 3, 2019

Today started with a few sprinkles but ended up being a beautiful day for golf.

Someone asked if we could spread the groups out with no doubling up on the holes.  We asked Jon about that and he said he treats all groups the same.  If he did it for us, he’d have to do it for the Seniors, etc.

The Game today was Total Putts.  As luck would have it, we had 3 foursomes and 3 threesomes.  Our guidelines say to pay 1/3 of the field, so we paid the top foursome and the top threesome, $6 credit from Pro Shop for each winner.

Foursome winners with a score of 132

Cindy Aafedt, Lisa Ferrante, Lin Lenson & Amelia Thornton.

Threesome winners with a score of 94

Grace Berend, Susan Leeper & Sherry Boyd

Three chip ins, worth $7 each

Terry Billingham Hole 18

Grace Berend

Susan Leeper Hole 17


Lisa Ferrante Holes 2, 8 & 9

Donna Grover & Cindy Aafedt Hole 15

Susan Leeper Hole 17

Closest to the Pin, worth $6.25 each

Hole 7:  Jeanne Zwemer 9’11”  and  Brenda Reisinger 24’4”

Hole 17:  Lin Lenson 5’11”

Thanks for playing and hope to see you next week for PPLN.

Bonnie and Rochelle



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