Three Blind Mice – Playday June 18, 209

Another hot day but we had a nice turnout.  The game was 3 Blind Mice – holes number 4, 15, and 17 were subtracted from your score to get our results.

First Flight three -way tie which paid each person $8.

Terry Billingham

Sandy Smith

Cathy Fancy

Second flight:

1st – Frances Shipilov $10

2nd – Joanne Leete $8

3rd – Brenda Reisinger $6


Chip Ins – $12 Each

Sally Sturney #16

Lisa Ferrante #15


Cindy Aafedt #18

Frances Shipilov #1

Lisa Ferrante #15

Kay Gschwend #17

Closest to the Pin

#2, 13’5″ Donna Grover, $12

#14, 16’3″ Jeanne Zwemer, $12

None of the high handicaps got on the green 😦

Please remember to sign up on Foretees for next Tuesday.

Big thanks to Doris for helping me today!!




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