Rain, Rain – Go Away – Playday May 21, 2019

Hello all,

Well, today the weather cooperated for the first 11 holes. Then, it started to rain (hard). After a couple holes, the sun came out, the rain jackets came off and the umbrellas were put away.  After another hole it started to rain again (hard). Rain gear on, rain gear off, rinse and repeat. Very bazaar weather pattern.

Ten of us finished 18 holes and each won a sleeve of balls as our reward. Twelve decided to have lunch early and they won one ball each.

 Member Flight, (team score of 101), each receiving a sleeve of balls

Donna Grover  

Carolyn Barnes

Sally Sturney

Doris Bunnell

 Guest Flight, (team score 95), each receiving a sleeve of balls

Peggie Schuitemaker

Jeanne Zwemer

Cathy Fancey

Lynnette Lewandowski

 Guest Flight  each receiving a sleeve of balls (team score undetermined because we didn’t calculate a blind draw):

Pamela Musselman

Conchita Christensen

Pam Musselman, hole 7
Conchita Christiansen, hole 8
Mary Watkins, hole 7
Peggie Schuitemaker, hole 14, 15, & 17. WOW!

Jeanne Zwemer, hole 9, $5.75
Cathy Fancey, hole 11, $5.75

Guest: Shelly Morgan, hole 2, 38′ 2″
Member: Peggie Schuitemaker, hole 17, 8′ 6 1/2″

The club is closed next Tuesday.  Our next playday is PPLN on June 4th.


Cathy and Bonnie


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