Wine and Roses – 2019 Invitational Results



Gross Winners, Cindy Aafedt, Rebecca Reese, Diana McInnis, Shelly Morgan (137)

1st place – Lisa Ferrante, Alicia Sinclair, Nora Rooney, Annie Sammis (110)

2nd placeBecky Frazier, Darlene Martel, Carol Bade, Cristy Schnauffer ((112)

3rd place – Cathy Houston, Caren Brendel, Cindy Renshaw, Mary Jo Knudsen (116)

4th place – Jill Chase, Jessica Ringer, Dana Wardstrom , Tracy Lape (117)


1st place –  Mary Watkins, Donna Ybarra, Cheree Mendonsa, Lani Maloney (107)

 2nd place – Donna Grover, Bridget Albosta, Julie Hanson, Jewell Stoddard (109)

3rd place –  Deborah Martin, Cathy Greenfield, Judy Kinnebrew, Cheryl Panziera (110)

4th place –  Jeanne Zwemer, Gay Wold, Sandy Smith, Debbie Kelley (113)


1st place –  Sandy Mize, Peggie Schuitemaker, Lisa Bates, Kathy Ulibarri (109)

2nd place –  Adrian Goodman, Mary Vinciguerra, Melanie Griffith, Julie Conway (113)

3rd place –  Lisa Cope, Pat Gilbreath, June VonRotz, Vicki Brandt (115)

4th place –  Charlene Kleiner, Conchita Christensen, Debbie Ruiz, Susan Leeper (1115)


1st place –  Mary Teschner, Linda Beatty, Valarie Stewart, Terry Foley (115)

2nd place –  Frances Shipilov, Brenda Reisinger, Linda Barbara, Sue Rivera (116)

3rd place –  Kay Gschwend, Maryann Hansen, Linda Humbert-Jardin, Sue Youngblood (123)

4th place –  Sondi Schnee, Pamela Musselman, Marie Verza, Christine Williams ( 126)

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