Beat the Pros – Playday August 20, 2019

The Pros were tough today.  According to Phil, they had three birdies and five bogies for a gross score of 73.

The following ladies Beat the Pros and will double their bet;

Terry Billingham –  net 70

Jill Chase – net 71

Frances Shipilov – net 72

Sandy Smith – net 72

Jeanne Zwemer  –  net 72

Closest to the Pin $5.00 each

0-25 handicap
Hole #7 – Jill Chase 7′ 3″

Hole #17 – Sandy Smith 32′ 1″

26-36 handicap

Hole #7 – None

Hole #17 – Deborah Veatch – 34′ 5″

Chip-In $2.50 each

Sandy Smith #4

Terry Billingham #15

Sally Sturney #18

Brenda Reisinger #10 & #14

Deborah Veatch #15


Jill Chase #7

Terry Billingham #11

Brenda Reisinger #14

FYI – Hole number 16 had a temporary green.  Phil will be making any necessary changes to the score cards to post par plus pops (posting only).

Lastly, please make sure if you have signed up to play and can’t make it, do your best to contact the tournament committee individual running the play day or the Pro-Shop.  I was not able to make changes to the foursomes (score cards already handed out) and I ended up with a twosome due to two “no-shows”.

Thank you,

Jill and Kathy



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