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Out of 8 groups 4 kept the GREEN ball and 5 lost the GREEN ball. This was used to determine flights.

In the kept the GREEN ball flight:
1st place – score of 66
Terry Billingham, Lucia Lawrence, Deborah Martin, Lisa Ferrante – $4.50 each
2nd place – score of 73 – won a tie breaker with a back 9 score of 35.
Dana Wardstrom, Cathy Fancy, Sandy Smith – $3.33, 3.33, 3.34

In the lost the GREEN ball flight:
There was a tie for 1st place with scores of 67. Winner was determined by the back 9 score of 34.
1st place –
Cindy Aafedt, Jeanne Zwemer, Sally Sturney and guest Donna Ybarra – $6.00
2nd place –
Annette Krey, Bonnie Ladd, Doris Burnell and guest Becky Heagle – $3.33, 3.33, 3.34.

(We cannot pay out to the guests as they are not members of the 18-holers.)

Our next and last play day for 2020 is November 24 and it will be our annual Turkey Shoot. Please sign up on ForeTees asap.



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