Play Day Results 2/23


We had 32 ladies play today. That is our player allotment for now.

The pin placement on #2 resulted in 96 putts from our group today. Rumor has it men complained and got it moved.

Low net Donna Grover with an amazing 67 Earning the big $8 reward!!
Low putts Terry Billingham 29 putts #2 obviously was not an issue for Terry $8 to her also


First Flight Winnings
1st place Cindy Renshaw 72 $7
2nd place Cathy Houston 72 $5
3rd place Jenny Dillon 73 $4

Second Flight
1st place Becky Heagle 72 $7
2nd place Cathy Fancey 74 $5
3rd place Sandy Smith 76 $4

Third Flight
1st place Sherry Boyd 74 $7
2nd place Sonja Welin 74 $5
3rd place Bonnie Ladd 74 $4

Low Gross Lisa Ferrante 79

No $$$ but very mentionable
Lisa Ferrante #8
Annette Krey #2
Cindy Aafedt #18
Dana Wardstrom #1
Terry Billingham #6,17
Donna Ybarra #1
Mary Watkins #7
Bonnie Ladd #2

Dana Wardstrom #1,#6
Terry Billingham #6
Cathy Fancey #4
Fran Grace #8
Doris Bunnell #15

Winnings will go on your account to purchase Pro Shop Merchandise. Sorry cannot be used towards beverages.
Ties were broken on the back side.

Next scheduled Play Day is March 9th with a tribute to Becky Frazier after play. Details to follow.

Cindy R and Annette


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