March 9 play day

From: Annette Krey
Hi all
Working on getting things set for next Tuesday, we will have tee times so watch fore tees for your times. I will be moving some people around but I think I know who is supposed to stay together, I’ll do my best. I understand there is a chance of rain but we plan to move forward with the day. The Brick Ceremony will be at 3:30 and the club will have their appetizer/bar menu upstairs, outside from 12-4. Rum and coke will be served at the Brick Ceremony.

The format will be 2 net best balls and there will be a few fun holes. Here’s a list of what’s happening:

1 –Play a Shamble. Everyone drives, pick the best drive and play you own ball from that spot

2 – Closest to the pin – Everyone puts in a $1, Donna Grover will be collecting the money and measuring. Please remember to bring a $1 bill. There will be 2 flights

4 – Play your tee shot from the drop zone – you may tee it up

7 – Putt with any club besides your putter

10 – On your first putt, the other 3 in the group try and distract the putter (stand behind, stand in front, move around etc) If you make the putt, take one stroke off your score. Our friend Becky was very particular about where everyone stood when she was putting.

12 – Miracle Hole – there is no water or sand on this hole. If it goes in, take it out on the line it went in and hit your next shot, no penalty.

15 – Play with the yellow ball and share a memory of Becky with your group.

17 – 3 flags – Whichever one you want to play to you can and you don’t have to say before you hit tee shot which one you want.

(I’m still confirming that we will be able to have this)

We will award some prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd and everyone will get a yellow ball and some goodies at check in. At the Brick Ceremony bring your yellow ball and a club to hit it into the lake.

This day is meant to be fun and remember our great friend, Becky.

Right now the tee sheet is full, we only have tee times for 44 players. We have invited a few guests, previous members of DBWGC and a few from other clubs that were close to Becky. If you need to cancel please let me know as soon as possible, we actually have 45 players signed up right now and 1 on the wait list.

Thanks Annette and Cathy


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