Results of June 29 Play Day

We missed many of you and wished you well playing Diablo team play today. Hope you did well.

For the rest of us at home we played Crystal Ball. You tossed out a predetermined par 3 par 4 and a par 5 and subtracted your full handicap.

23 played with 3 flights paying 2 places each. $10.75 for first and $5.25 for second.

1st flight
1st place Cindy Renshaw 50
2nd place Mary Watkins 52

2nd flight
1st place Jeannie Zwemer 53
2nd place Bonnie Ladd/ Deborah Veatch tied with 55 split the pot

3rd flight
1st place Sally Sturney 52
2nd place Doris Bunnell 56

#2 Closest to pin $5 paid to all winners
0-27 Becky Heagle 8’7″
30-36 Doris Bunnell 38’11”

#14 closey
0-27 Conchita Christensen 30′ 1″
30-36 Fe Estrada 23’10”

Chip Ins I should make that singular. The one and only Doris Bunnell. Won 20 one dollar bills!!! I’m thinking join the birdie club or go see Thunder down Under.

Birdies achieved today.
Debbie Martin #17
Mary Watkins #8
Krissy Rogers #14
Amelia Lyons #2

Nice pace of play today. I think everyone was around 4 hours. Great job!

July 6 is next play day. It will be an individual game to be announced. PPLN will be on July 20th. Make your own foursome will be on July 27th with game to be announced.

Thanks for the participation.

Cindy R and Sandy Mize


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