Play day results-July 6, 2021

Hey all,

Short crew (21 players) again today while our finest were out grinding away to put DBWGA on the map.

The game was “if” 2 holes were thrown out on those “only if I had not…..” .

We had three unequal flights (7,8,and 6) because of how the handicaps lay. 2 places were paid in each flight because 2 falls within the 1/4 to 1/3 pay the field in each case.

Common payout rate for two places were used 70% for first 30% for second.

1st Flight 2nd place Debbie Martin 58 $7.50
1st Flight 1st place Kay Bargmann 57 $17.00

2nd Flight 2nd place Frances Shipilov 60 $9.00
2nd flight 1st place Deborah Veatch 59 $19.00

3rd Flight 2nd place Sonja Welin 65 $7.00
3rd Flight 1st place Doris Bunnell 60 $14.00

Jill Chase had the only birdie on hole #7. Jeanne Zwemer had the only chip in on hole #8. Jeanne faired a little better than Jill winning $19. Great hole anyways Jill!

Closest to the Pin Each winning $6.25.

Handicaps 0-27
#2 Jill Chase 4′ 3.75″

#7 Conchita Christensen 9’4″

#14 Conchita Christensen 49’6″

#17 Cindy Renshaw 21’3″

Handicaps 28-36

#2 Deborah Veatch 32′ 1″

#7 No one

#14 Jeanne Zwemer 68′ 3″

#17 No one

Pro shop did not give us next week. So PPLN will July 20th. Sign up by the 12th.

Cindy R and Jill


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