24 of us played Halloween Bingo this week because PPLN had already been promised for next week.

The shining star of the day was Debbie Martin. 8 Bingos. And real golf score of net 66. Way to go Debbie!
She won $14 in the 2nd flight. Coming in with a not so close 2nd place was Sandy Smith with 2 Bingos winning $9.
Then there were some solo Bingos. Three “J”s to be exact. But good enough to share 3rd place. $2.50 each.
Jan Murphy, Julie Hanson, Joanne Leete

First flight Cathy Houston and Cindy Renshaw took top honors with 3 Bingos. They won $12 each.
Tying for 3rd place was BFF’s Donna Ybarra and Becky Heagle. They each receive $2. Live it up girls!!

3rd Flight Sondi Schnee won $14 with a respectable 4 Bingos.
3 way tie for 2nd place with 2 Bingos. Winning $5 each.
Sonja Welin, Bonnie Ladd, Deborah Veatch

Chip ins winning $6 each
Cathy Houston #11 Cindy Renshaw #17 Doris Bunnell #6 Julie Hanson #9

Closest to pin paying $7 each
Low Handicap                            Higher handicap
2 Annette Krey 6’6″.                   Joanne Leete 34′ 5″
7 Cindy Renshaw 19′ 6″             Deborah Veatch 17’4″
14 Terry Billingham 9′ 2.5″        Emoji
17 Cindy AAfedt 3’5″                 Emoji

Deborah Veatch #7 (Nice putt) Cathy Houston #8 Cindy Renshaw #2,#17
Julie Hanson #8 Donna Grover #1 Annette Krey #5

Note: If you need to cancel after Sunday morning please notify whoever is running the game that week or Annette or Cindy and we will forward the message.


Cindy and Annette


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