Play Day Results-Oct 26, 2021

Hey all,

23 played yesterday.

Conchita Christensen had the only chip in on hole 3. (120 yards) Winning the pot of $22.

Closest to the pins. Each receives $8.50.
Sondi Schnee was the only one to stay on the green for the higher handicappers. And boy did she! Hole #2 1′ 10″.
#2 Terry Billingham 12’11” #7 Annette Krey 12′ 8″ #14 Annette Krey 26’9″ #17 Cathy Houston 4’11”

Sondi Schnee #2, Terry Billingham #2, Conchita #3, Donna Ybarra #7, Becky Heagle #18

Low net (71) and low gross (80) goes to Terry Billingham. She wins $13 for her efforts.
Low putts (29) goes to Cindy Aafedt. She wins $13

Flight winners 1st pays $11, 2nd pays $6, 3rd pays $3.50

1st flight

1st place Becky Heagle 72
2nd place Cathy Houston 74
3rd place Jill Chase 74

2nd flight
Conchita Christensen 74
Cathy Fancey 74
Sandy Smith 79

3rd flight

Kris Rogers 77

Doris Bunnell 78

Next play day is November 9th. We will holding the very popular Turkey Shoot. Everyone is a winner, so sign up.
November 30 will be a team game. Make your own foursomes.


Cindy and Annette


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