Play Day Results-June 14, 2022 PPLN

Hi all.
First a few reminders and a new play day allowance.
After Sunday at 6 am, if you wish to be added or removed for that Tuesday please contact Becky or I or the person in charge that day if you know.
18 holers are not utilizing the two newer drop zones. #2 and #4 (after the 2nd water hazard).
The maintenance crew uses a tree root remover. Areas that have been worked on will be free relief at the nearest point no closer to the hole. This includes areas where the machine has grooved the turf . I did not know how to relate that but you will know when you see it.

Donna Ybarra carded off with the win over Kay Bargmann for low net honors with 68. She received $14 pro shop credit.  Cindy Aafedt had low putts of 29. She also received $14 for her efforts.

Flight winners received $12, $8 for second, $4.50 for third, and second flight had a 4th place for $3.50.

1st Flight2nd Flight3rd Flight
1stCindy Renshaw-69Kay Bargmann-68Sherry Boyd-74
2ndTerry Billingham-69Julie Hanson-75Doris Bunnell-75
3rdAnnette Krey-70Jeanne Zwemer-76Sandy Mize-79
4thMary Watkins-76

Cindy Aafedt had the only chip in worth $28.
Closest to pins $9 each
Handicaps 0-24/  25-36
#2 Cindy Aafedt 15’2″/  Jan Baehr 30’2″
#7 Sandy Smith 14’9″/  Doris Bunnell 50′

#14 Donna Ybarra 10’11”
#17 Kay Bargmann 17’7″

Cathy Houston #2; Cindy Aafedt #6,8; Terry Billingham #8; Annette Krey #9,15

Low gross of the day: Annette Krey with a 75.

Next week Becky in sole charge. Sign up on Foretees before Sunday.
Cindy and Becky


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