Play Day Results-June 21, 2022

Good Morning Ladies!!!!

Please be sure to read this email thoroughly, as there is some VERY IMPORTANT information!

First, we asked the pro shop why they close the sign ups so early. Tim’s reply is that it helps him set up the tee sheet for the next week. He has stated that he would rather have us all sign up early and then cancel, versus trying to sign up within the week ahead. That being said, we are putting a new protocol into effect.

If you need to add or cancel within the eight (8) days leading up to the play day you will now need to email; Tim Sands –, Mike Bradford –, Cindy Renshaw –,  and myself Becky Heagle – I know this sounds like a lot, however by doing this I am hoping that there will be less confusion and our events will run smoother.

Second, it was brought up that some are not receiving my emails. If you could please respond to this email, I would appreciate it. This way I can cross check where there might be an issue.

Now, on to the fun stuff. 

Here are your results:

Tuesday’s game was CHA CHA CHA (1 Best Net on 1, 2 on 2, 3 on 3 and repeat in that order).

We had 31 players, 8 teams (2 teams had blind draws). 1st Place with a score of 123 was Lisa Ferrante, Nonie Greenfield, Kris Rogers. They received $18.08 each. We had 2 teams tie for 2nd Place, with a score of 128. Team 1 – Kelly Vik, Jill Chase, Sally Sturney, and Sandy Mize. Team 2 – Cindy Aafedt, Sandy Smith, Lani Maloney, Jeanne Zwemer. Each player received $6.78.

Chip Ins – there were 5 chip ins paying out $6.00 each:

Cindy Aafedt1 & 4
Conchita Christensen6
Jill Chase6
Carolyn Barnes17 

Birdies – there were 13

Cindy Aafedt1, 5, 7, 8, 17
Lisa Ferrante2, 3
Jill Chase6, 17
Annette Krey7, 15
Terry Billingham8
Carolyn Barnes17

Closest to the Pins ($7.00 each)

HoleName LH 0 – 24DistanceName HH 25 – 36Distance
2Lisa Ferrante1’5”Pamela Musselman25’ ½”
7Mary Watkins14’Deborah Veatch21’2”
14Jan Murphy12’3”Nonie Greenfield17’6”
17Cindy Aafedt5’7”Jeanne Zwemer12’9”

REMINDERS – Cindy Renshaw will be running next week. I believe her game is Blind Nine. Please keep an eye out for July sign ups to open.

As always, any questions or concerns please feel free to reach out. 

Thank you,

Becky and Cindy


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