Turkey Shoot Results (Jill)

Hello Ladies,
We had 21 ladies come out to play in the Turkey Shoot and what a beautiful fall day it was!

Congratulations to the ladies that took their par plus handicap all the way back around onto hole number one.
1st place – Diane Enbom $10.00 – finished her round about 110 yards from the pin on hole number one.
2nd place – Cathy Fancey $9.00 – finished her round about 125 yards from the pin on hole number one.

The ladies that finished third place through seventh place finished there round top half of hole number 18 and near the pin. 3rd place – Donna Johnson $7.00
4th place – Nancy Lencioni $5.50
5th place – Frances Shipilov $4.00
6th place – Gay Wold $3.50
7th place – Bonnie Ladd $3.00

Chip-Ins $6.00 each
Frances Shipilov hole #16
Shelly Morgan hole #16
Sandy Smith hole #16

Closest to the Pin $4.25 each
0-23 Handicap
Hole #2 Lin Lenson 28′ 9″
Hole #7 Cathy Fancey 6′ 1/2″

24-36 Handicap
Hole #2 Brenda Reisinger 30′ 7″
Hole #7 Diane Enbom 14′ 3″

Those ladies who were not able to stay for the awards, please check the 18 hole drawer in the Pro Shop. There are numerous envelopes for chip in monies and $5.00 Safeway gift cards.

Jill Chase


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