2012 Club Championship Tournament

Good Morning Ladies,

Next week starts our Club Championship Tournament. If you are not signed up to play and want to follow the field, please contact the Pro Shop. I have 18 ladies playing. I have three flights and willl be awarding seven players. One Overall Low Gross Champion of the field and a Low Gross winner and Low Net winner in each flight. Starting times willl be posted on Fore Tees by the Pro Shop. Starting times will begin at 8:30 am on each day of play, October 2nd, October 4th and final round October 9th.

Something’s to remember;

Pace of Play: The allotted time to play an 18 hole round in the Club Championship Tournament shall be no more than 4 3/4 hours.

Score Cards: Players shall exchange Official scorecards within their foursome on the 1st Tee Box. Each player is responsible for the correct gross score by hole.

USGA Rules apply: In stroke play, if a competitor is doubtful about their rights or the correct procedure during the play of a hole they may, without penalty, play a second ball under Rule 3-3. The score willl be recorded for both balls and the Committee willl decide which ball counts at the end of the round before the score card is signed.

Yesterday Jon informed us that he willl be addressing some of the areas on the golf course with the Course Superintendent. I should have more information as to ground under repair before October 2nd.

First day pairings willl be determined with the lowest to be the first off the tee. For Thursday October 4th, players willl be paired by their gross scores with the lowest totals playing together and following in succession. Flights and pairing willl be seeded by USGA handicap index. I will be using your October 1st handicap index.

Here are the flights and players, subject to change based upon October 1st handicap index: First Flight:
Annette Krey
Lin Lenson
Dana Wardstrom
Shelly Morgan
Jenny Dillon
Frances Shipilov

Second Flight:
Jeanne Zwemer
Jill Chase
Nancy Lencioni
Chris Myall
Joanne Smith
Cathy Surdez

Third Flight:
Deborah Veatch
Kay Gschwend
Susan Leeper
Grace Berend
Donna Johnson
Carol Grabar

Play hard and have fun!
Jill Chase


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