October 31 – HALLOWEEN Guest Day Results

We had a really lovely day for playing golf. We had 30 members play and 7 guests.
Our guests were:

April Guarascio

Toni Murdock

Susan Graham (will be a member in 2018)

Linda Barbara

Linda Stebbins

Sandy Gaudette

Val Dommes

Today’s Game was HALLOWEEN BINGO.

The winning team in the Guest Flight with 8 BINGOS:

Deborah Veatch

Sandy Gaudette

Sally Sturney

Jill Chase

The winning team in the Member Only Flight with 11 BINGOS:

Peggy Schuitemaker

Kris Rogers

Susan Leeper

Sondi Schnee

Closest to the Pin (Member): Christina Browning 8’ 5 ¼ “

(no Guest CTP)

Chip-ins ($3.70 each):

Cindy Aafedt #18

Sonja Welin # 2

Shelly Morgan #15

Nonie Greenfield #9

Susan Leeper #7


Debbie Martin #2

Cindy Aafedt #1, 3, 14, 18

Annette Krey #12

Shelly Morgan #15

Gay Wold #8

Jill Chase #7


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