Eclectic Year End Awards

Congratulations to the following ladies for your winnings for the 2017 Eclectic

Flight 4 NET

4th place Doris Bunnell 50.00
3rd place Susan Leeper 48.84
2nd place Sandy Mize 48.28
1st place Charlene Kleiner 47.25

Flight 3

4th place Julie Hanson 48.42
3rd place Brenda Reisinger 48.05
2nd place Deborah Veatch 47.33
1st place Kay Gswend 46.1

Flight 2

4th place Raquel Myers 49.04
3rd place Mary Watkins 48.92
2nd place Jeanne Zwemer 48.07
1st place Freances Shiplov 45.26

Flight 1

4th Place Cindy Aafedt 52.21
3rd place Gay Wold 51.83
2nd place Shelly Morgan 50.64
1st place Sandy Smith 46.48

Our low net winner was Joanne Smith with a 44.16

Our low gross winner was Annette Krey with a 55 GROSS

Thank you all for a great year and don’t forget to sign up with Doris Bunnell for Eclectic in 2018

She is collecting the money now




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