Guest Day – June 26, 2018

We had 25 ladies play Texas Twosome, including 6 guests.

The game was Texas Twosome.  The team picked the best drive of the four players, then each player played their own ball from that spot.  The two best net balls were used for the team score for each hole.   It presented some interesting results, especially an abundance of birdies…

Closest to the Pin:

Guest, Hole # 7  Cheree Mendonsa 3’9” (sleeve of balls)

Member, Hole #14  Donna Grover 12’2”  (sleeve of balls)

Chip-ins:  $6.25 each

Carol Grabar, Hole #3

Kay Gschwend, Hole #12


Donna Grover #14

Deborah Veatch #14

Charlene Kleiner #14

Donna Ybarra #17

Raquel Myers #17

Fe Estrera #17

Judy Bartoli #17

Joanne Leete #17

Charlene Mendonsa #17

Mary Watkins #17

Donna Ybarra #17

Kay Gschwend #17

Game Results:

Second Place – 111 – Sleeve of balls each  

Frances Shipilov

Jeanne Zwemer

Sandy Smith

Bonnie Ladd

First Place – 108 – 4 balls each

Mary Watkins

Kay Gschwend

Cheree Mendonsa

Donna Ybarra


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