BONG – July 3, 2018

We had 31 ladies play today and the weather behaved, while many of our balls did not:  hello Bong.

Turns out flights really didn’t work out because of ties, so I paid the low 10.

1st/2nd place

Judy Bartoli and Sonja Welin with 6 Bong points – $10.50 each.

3rd place

Bonnie Ladd with 8 Bong points – $8.

4th, 5th, 6th, 7th place

Deborah Veatch, Donna Grover, Joanne Leete, Debbie Martin with 9 Bong points – $6 each

8th, 9th, 10th place

Sherry Boyd, Adrian Goodman, and Joanne Smith with 10 Bong points – $3 each.

Closest to the Pins – winning $7 each

Low Handicap

Hole 2 – Cindy Aafedt 4’6”

Hole 7 – Joanne Leete 9’

Hole 14 – Cindy Aafedt 7’3”

Hole 17 – Amelia Thornton 9’

High Handicap

Hole 2 – Raquel Myers 5’9”

Hole 7 – Sondi Schnee 4’10”

Hole 14 – xx

Hole 17 – Charlene Kleiner 8’4”

Chip in:  $29

Terry Billingham.  It was a sandy par chip in on hole 11!


Donna Grover on Holes 1 & 10

Julie Hanson on Hole 2

Deborah Veatch on Hole 2

Cindy Aafedt on Holes 2 & 8

Helpful feedback is always appreciated.

Thanks for playing and have a great 4th tomorrow!

Bonnie and Deborah


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